Moawad Hosted Mahfoud and Received the International Memorandum

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Independence Movement President and resigned MP Michel Moawad received the head of the Haraket El Taghyir, Elie Mahfoud, at his home in Baabda, where the latter handed him the UN memorandum, and they discussed it and the latest political developments.

After the meeting, Mahfoud stressed that Moawad is among the political figures he most agrees with on political issues, particularly his views on Hezbollah’s weapons.

Mahfoud rejected everything being said about the goods being smuggled to the Syrian regime in the hope of gaining favors from it at the expense of the Lebanese people. He said: “Today, standing in the home of the martyr René Moawad, we reject all that’s being said about major settlements with the Syrian regime. Why did I mention the house of the martyr René Moawad? Because, in our view, especially in the political sense, the Syrian regime was involved in the assassination of the martyr René Moawad.”

He added: “Syria today is under Russian and Iranian control, and therefore it cannot, as a puppet state, enter the Lebanese political scene. However, although the Syrian occupation army withdrew many years ago, the regime still has an influence on parliament through its tools there,” He continued: “We have seen how the Syrian regime sent explosives to Lebanon through one of its agents who is still in prison. Thus, no one actually thinks that the Syrian regime really withdrew from Lebanon, especially given the Baath Party’s doctrine, which says Lebanon is an integral part of Syria’s territory. Moreover, there’s the issue of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons, so our historical, bloody, ideological and geographical problems with the Syrian regime are fundamental issues, particularly when it comes to kidnapping and horrific crimes committed in Lebanon. We are therefore absolutely unconcerned with the political atmosphere, that Saudi Arabia is reestablishing ties with the Syrians, nor that the Emirati have opened their embassy again in Syria, and not even that the Syrian regime is trying to normalize relations with Israel. Our position on this issue is clear and explicit, and our view of the regime has not changed, especially given the fact that the Iranian militia in Lebanon, meaning Hezbollah, and the Syrian regime are fully complementary.”

Mahfoud stressed: “We are not afraid, and no one can intimidate us. The issue is settled for us, and I do not think that this is my position alone, as many share the same position, including the Lebanese Forces, the Phalange Party, the independents, Moawad, and a large segment of the Lebanese people.”


As for the visit of the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Mahfoud said that the latter’s visit cast a shadow over the political scene in Lebanon, but added, “only we can solve political problems; only we can get ourselves out of this quagmire. The current ruling clique cannot go on this way; people are bankrupt. We will see a large social volcano erupt and remove this political class from the map if it doesn’t give up power by itself.”

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