Moawad: I ask the Supreme Judicial Council not to continue to be a false witness to what is happening

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Independence Movement President and resigned MP Michel Moawad has issued the following statement:

There is a big difference between the need for accountability and fighting corruption, on the one hand, and using the judiciary as a tool used against free revolutionaries and the private secretor at others; always it is at the service of the authorities or some of them. There is a big difference between a judge whose strength stems from the law and one who uses partisan and populist shows of strength that are against the law.

The shameful and deplorable scenes that we have been following over the past few days are no longer simply about the actions of a state prosecutor, mistakes, or legal disputes. Indeed, the issue has become part of a dangerous coup against the constitution, the law and state institutions. It poses an existential threat to the Lebanese judicial apparatus, or rather, what remains of it after it had been subordinated by political interference and battles for political influence.

Thus, I ask the Supreme Judicial Council not to continue to be a false witness to what is happening; but rather assume its responsibilities, act decisively, and take bold measures that correspond to the gravity of what is happening; a coup is being perpetrated openly, and crimes are being perpetrated in front of witnesses/ in broad daylight.


I also ask the President of the Republic to sign the judicial formations decree so that the judiciary’s work is safeguarded, and more collapse and vacuum are avoided at the levels of its authority and institutions.

As for the radical solution required, it is to ratify the judicial independence law, which has been in parliamentary committees’ hands for years. Only this law guarantees an end to all forms of political interference with the work of the judiciary. It is the proper gateway to building a judicial apparatus that protects all citizens, their rights, and property and holds genuine perpetrators accountable, regardless of their position and status.

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