Rene Moawad Foundation’s Activities in Zgharta Zawie as they are in Beirut… Reaching over 3000 families

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With Moawad and his wife taking part in the campaign sloganed: “preserving hope”

Driven by the humanitarian message it spreads across the, the René Moawad Foundation in Zgharta Zawie launched its annual Preserving Hope campaign, shining a ray of light amid the crisis the country is undergoing and bringing joy back to the heart of Zgharta and the towns in the district. Over three days, the foundation’s “Christmas Train” roamed the area carrying lights and candy and distributing them to children as the sound of Christmas songs created a joyful and hopeful atmosphere. The foundation also disturbed more than 2000 food rations and 500 food, toys, and clothes vouchers worth 400,000 Lebanese pounds. RMF also gave out 500 “Christmas dinner” meals and Yule Log Cakes in collaboration with several humanitarian and civil society organizations (Don Bosco International, the Divine Providence Center, Byblos Scouts, Carrefour Care Association, and Gestures from the Heart.)


For the occasion, René Moawad Foundation’ Executive Director Michel Moawad, visited the RMF campus in Majdalaiya accompanied by his wife, Marielle. There, he was briefed on the work being done and joined the team tirelessly working around the clock to achieve their mission and ensure the success of the campaign that benefits over 3000 families in Zgharta Zawie. Moawad and his wife also went to Zgharta’s main street, where they went by the “Christmas Train” and joined the children’s Christmas celebrations.


Moawad stressed that Zgharta Zawie is no different to Beirut, as “The René Moawad Foundation cannot allow darkness to pervade Zgharta Zawie during Christmas, and we have thus come today under the slogan “Preserving Hope,” adding: “From here, we organized a series of Christmas initiatives, among which are the Christmas train, the illumination of the city and distributing presents. Our basic goal is for Christmas to reach all families, not only the well off, and that everyone feels the joy of Christmas. This is why, in partnership with a group of organizations and civil associations in Zagharta Zawie, the René Moawad Foundation will distribute Christmas dinner to 500 familiars, grant 500 other families gift vouchers allowing children to buy presents, and give 2000 food rations to families that have a right to better life and future, allowing them to join in on the celebration of Christmas. He then concluded by saying: “We will build a better future together so that hope is preserved.”

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