The Independence Movement Commemorates the Martyrdom of President Moawad

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The Independence Movement’s Sydney branch commemorated the martyrdom of President René Moawad and his companions with a mass at Our Lady of Lebanon- Harris Park. Maronite Bishop of Australia Antoine Charbel Tarabay presided over the mass alongside the parish of Father Tony Sarkis, his priests, and Sister Marilyn Shedid, one of the nuns of The Holy Maronite Family. The mass was attended by MP Julia Finn, Strathfield Mayor Antoine Douaihy, Independence Movement Australia Coordinator Asaad Barakat, whom his wife accompanied, the movement’s Sydney coordinator Saeed Douaihy and his wife, Free Patriotic Movement Central Council Member Tony Tawq, FPM Sydney Branch Coordinator Charbel Deeb, Jihad Dagher, who was representing the Lebanese Forces, Marada Movement Coordinator Fadi Mallow, Peter Maroun of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, President of Australia’s Patriarchal Foundation for Comprehensive Development Sarkis Nassif, Cultural University Regional President Michel Douaihy, Maronite League President Anthony Hashem, and other prominent figures.


After reading Gospel, Tarabay delivered a sermon in which he praised “the march of the martyred president who never bargained with the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon, and he preferred to be martyred rather than let Lebanon suffer under the weight of the corrupt and their injustice.” On the role of his son, the resigned MP Michel Moawad, he said: “President Moawad was martyred with his comrades to keep Lebanon independent, and sovereign. How deeply we need president Moawad’s approach today.”


He also emphasized on:  “The importance of the day we know who killed president Moawad.”

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