Moawad from Bkerki: Lebanon is hijacked and we should all cooperate to free the country

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The President of “The Independence Movement”, the resigned MP Michel Moawad called all the MPs to resign in order to free Lebanon from the system that looted and hijacked the country. Moreover, Moawad urged for early parliamentary elections and said: “Lebanon is a looted country but mainly hijacked. We should all cooperate to free our country, liberate its legitimacy and keep it away from the axes game and the external interests.”

Moawad visited Bkerki with the resigned MPs after they received an invitation from Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros to discuss the country’s current situation and stated: “We took up on the Patriarch invitation to discuss the political situation and the crisis that we are going through. There is no doubt that major things have changed after the 4th of August; therefore, we cannot act as if nothing happened; in fact, more than 300 thousand persons were held homeless, more than 200 persons were dead and 6000 were injured and poverty level has increased while some parties are still discussing the religion of the Minister of Finance and the form of the future government”.

He added: “For ethical reasons, and because we cannot mess with the Lebanese people’s destiny and because we always take our responsibility, we have resigned from the Parliament. We cannot witness the failure of our country.”

Moawad stressed on the necessity of solving the reasons that led us to this current financial crisis and not the results and noted that the French initiative highlighted this point.

Moawad supported the Patriarch’s position calling for neutrality and added: “We call for breaking the system by responding to the Lebanese people’s demands through early parliamentary elections and by abolishing the political legitimacy of the Parliament through the resignation of all MPs; the matter that will break the deadly deadlock because the situation in Lebanon is killing the Lebanese citizens because hijacking Lebanon is an operation protected by this system, a system armed with weapons covering and protecting the corruption.”

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