Moawad after “the parliamentary consultations play”: “Patching” cannot save Lebanon

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The President of “The Independence Movement”, the resigned MP Michel Moawad tweeted: “After the end of the parliamentary consultations play, where the actors performed their roles as precised in the external compromise that was made at the expense of the Lebanese people, their sovereignty, their living and their future, I found once again that my resignation decision was right, because the parliament is exploited for the benefit of external compromises and internal apportionment.”

He added: “In fact, “patching” cannot save Lebanon. we insist on deploying all our efforts to overthrow the current system and to push towards early parliamentary elections that reconstitute the constitutional institutions in a way that respects the Lebanese people’s will and excludes the country from the axes game in order to regain the confidence of the Lebanese people as well as the foreign countries and save Lebanon on the political, financial, economic& social levels.”

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