MP Moawad presented his resignation letter from the Parliament

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The President of “The Independence Movement”, the resigned MP Michel Moawad presented his resignation letter from the parliament, in which he stated the following:

“Your Excellency the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Nabih Berri,

Two years ago, the Lebanese people gave me the honor to represent them in the Parliament. I collaborated with all parties according to my sovereign and reformative convictions and I deployed all possible efforts in the Finance and Budget Parliamentary Commission and the joint commissions and recently in the fact-funding sub-committee, in order to make a radical change from inside the institutions. However, some parties insist on involving Lebanon and the Lebanese people in the game of axes as well the rejection of the governing system to make any reform, the matter that paralyzed our democratic parliamentary regime.

Hence, aftermath Beirut port explosion that caused 173 deaths, thousands of injuries and hundreds of thousands were held homeless; whereas the authority was irresponsible and rejected the request of an international investigation, it is evident to react in conformity with my ethics and respond to the Lebanese people’s demands while the institutions are not capable to hold minimum responsibilities.

Therefore, I presented before you my resignation letter from the Parliament, promising to always serve my country and the Lebanese people from any position, in order to build a sovereign, free, independent& reconciled country.”

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