Moawad: The pardon must be limited to injustice

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The head of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad, affirmed that the general amnesty should be limited to only the wronged cases on the basis of respect for the law, the exceptional pardon, and the maintenance of civil peace.


Moawad, in an interview via the MTV newscast regarding the clash that occurred between him and MP Jihad Al-Samad in the joint parliamentary committee session during the discussion of the sixth item of the first article of the amnesty law, he said: “The problem that occurred with MP Al-Samad is insignificant but Al Samad must understand that he cannot with insults, gossip, and false national auctions to oppress us opinion, we will continue to defend our convictions, whatever the cost is, whether some people like them or not.


He added: “The most important is that we discussed the issue of the amnesty law, and this law, when it was proposed previously, led to a major national division and to the protest of the Lebanese people to the street to prevent MPs from reaching the session to pass it, because the logic of the deals was clear in its initial form, which would lead to the removal from prison of those who killed the army and stole the state and the trafficked drugs; I boycotted the session at the time and rejected the law, as well as with all the powers that authorized me in the second stage.


Moawad pointed out that “the goal was to reach a national understanding on this issue from two bases. The first is the presence of people wronged as a result of occupation conditions or as a result of economic conditions or as a result of slowdowns or judicial errors as is the case in the file of the Islamic detainees,” he added: “We started from the conviction that there is a specific injustice that we, as legislators, have to deal with, but on the basis of respect for the law, the exceptional pardon, and the maintenance of civil peace, meaning that the pardon is limited to injustice and that we do not ultimately reach under the slogan of lifting injustice to pardon drug dealers, stealers of public funds, or army killers.

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