MP Moawad calls for fighting bullying: 130 quarantine rooms are available in Zgharta for coronavirus patients

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The President of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad declared that all needed efforts are being deployed to fight coronavirus and about 60 quarantine rooms are now available in the Caza of Zgharta, with the joint cooperation between the political parties “El Marada” and the “Independence Movement”, and the Municipality of Zgharta- Ehden. In fact, the hotels owners in the region broke the psychological obstacles and put their properties at the disposal of the municipality. He stated that Hospital Rehban will be equipped to rapidly receive corona patients, since it has been closed for about 10 years. Then, the number of quarantine rooms will increase to reach 120 to 130 rooms.

In a statement on LBCI, MP Moawad confirmed: “from the beginning of the crisis in the caza of Zgharta, we decided to follow the decentralization system to deal with this problem, while we keep on coordinating with the government to contain this pandemic. The decentralization is built on two bases, the first is the quarantine and the second is an effective testing system.” MP Moawad revealed that “Rene Mouawad Foundation” is planning to launch a new initiative concerning testing and detecting cases, in the few coming days.

Moreover, in the context of bullying the corona infected patients, MP Moawad stated: “It is true that there are numerous cooperative initiatives; however, we experienced numerous bullying acts against corona patients as well as racist acts, and this is totally rejected for not respecting the principles and the humanitarian ethics. And moreover, this behavior can directly lead to spread the coronavirus.”

MP Moawad noted that in Zgharta, a family infected with coronavirus was kicked out of the house and was obliged to rent another apartment elsewhere. He confirmed that people who act this way are directly causing the spread of the virus. Therefore, such culture will only frighten people and forbid them from announcing being infected and then, containing the virus will become very difficult.

Concerning what happened in Al Hadath, where relatives tried to hide the infection of a patient with coronavirus and his death, MP Moawad said: “We have to be realistic and responsible because fighting this virus is the responsibility of the government and the citizen as well. We are in a war with the virus and not with the patients. And we will always be by their side.”

At the end, MP Moawad called every person infected with coronavirus to announce that he has been tested positive and suggested to launch a new campaign to tell every person infected with the virus that “We are all against corona but we are supporting you”. He also called the bullies to stop their harm and said “We will reject you and support persons infected with the virus.”

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