Moawad after the assassination of Soleimani: to keep Lebanon away from the politics of the axes and avoid slipping Lebanon into any misadventures

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The head of the “Independence Movement” MP Michel Moawad issued the following statement: In the heart of a region inflamed by the fierce regional-international conflict, the assassination of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Major General Qassim Soleimani, in Baghdad came to move the region in a phase that may lead to confrontations, security and perhaps military, God forbid.

I am appealing at this moment to all Lebanese officials and parties to make the language of logic and reason prevail and put the supreme Lebanese interest on top at a stage in which Lebanon and the Lebanese suffer a lot as a result of the financial and economic collapse that our country is going through, by working hard to keep Lebanon away from the game of axes and to avoid it slipping into unnecessary adventures.

The supreme Lebanese interest requires the formation of a government as fast as possible, respecting the national charter and balances, made of people with competence and clean history to work on the commitment of moving away from the policy of axes, and devotion to work hard to restore the confidence of the Lebanese and the financial markets, the Arab and International communities and start immediately the necessary monetary, financial and economic reforms.

What is required at this extremely delicate, sensitive and dangerous stage in the history of the region is that we unite around our constitutional institutions to save our country and avoid any battles that we have no interest in and that we don’t need at all. This is not achievable without everyone’s awareness.
God protect Lebanon and all the Lebanese.

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