MP Moawad named Salam: Nominating Diab is controversial in a sectarian power-sharing system

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The President of “The Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad ensured that since the first day of the revolution of October 17, amidst these wide cross-sectarian and cross-regional protests and during this unprecedented economic, financial, social and monetary crisis in Lebanon, he has tried to present a road map regardless the disputes and the challenges. Moreover, he considered that the solution resides in a technocrats’ government based on three basics: first, a government able to conciliate people with their constitutional institutions; second, a government that can obtain the support of all the political parties according to the sectarian power-sharing system and third, a government that conciliates Lebanon with the Arab and international communities.

MP Moawad, subsequently to the binding consultations with the President Michel Aoun in Baabda, declared: “I was the first to nominate the ambassador Nawaf Salam, for his profile combining all the required descriptions. However, this nomination was subject to many obstacles including the position of PM Saad Hariri who did not nominate Salam seriously& officially; as well as the Shia parties Amal and Hezbollah because they considered him as an American option. In fact, the Shia’s position regarding Salam was “unfair” not only because of his family history on the Lebanese& Arab level but also because of my nomination background.”

He added: “from the beginning, I said that the descriptions are more important than the person. Therefore, I am ready to adopt a candidate nominated by all political parties based on the sectarian power-sharing system. However, I do believe that nominating the former minister Hassan Diab, with all my respect, will increase the fragmentation because this nomination did not respect the sectarian power-sharing system, especially regarding the position of the Future Movement and the former PMs and other independent Sunnite ministers.” He added “we are going towards two scenarios on the national level: either, there is no government formation soon, which is catastrophic; or, there is a formation of a “one-color” government, which is also catastrophic.”






At the end, Moawad renewed his nomination to the ambassador Nawaf Salam, as a position that reflects his convictions of Salam’s descriptions, hoping that “everyone should assume his responsibility and try to agree and listen to the people’s requests. Citizens should trust again in their constitutional institutions. Moreover, the sectarian power-sharing system should be respected because it represents the basis of the balance and national stability. We should all get together to save our country, our people and our institutions.”

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