Moawad: “Surprised of some reactions to my words”

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The President of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad commented on the leaked audio recording, in which he warned from a major economic crisis in Lebanon, and ensured that these words are not directly related to the government formation. He said “In a meeting with the “Independence Movement” cadres, I warned from a difficult crisis and I insist on it. This statement came amidst a discussion context about three points: First, the political and economic reasons that led us to the current situation; second, a warning alarm from the coming situation and third, and the most important is the solutions that should be implemented by the government and adopted by the Lebanese to put end to this crisis.”

In a press conference in the parliament, Moawad explained that he had to be responsible and clear with his supporters and with the Lebanese people. He added “In fact, I was surprised by some reactions to what I said. So, allow me to ask them “where are you living?” Aren’t you feeling the misery and the daily endurance of the Lebanese? Didn’t you hear about of Naji El Fliti who committed suicide because he has been unable to provide 1000LBP for his family? Aren’t you living the dollar crisis and the resulting fuel crisis? Didn’t you hear the Minister of Finance statement about the country’s zero income from two months ago? Didn’t you read the international institutions reports? The situation is clear and what matters today is how to face the crisis and not how to deny it.” He declared “radical procedures can help to face this crisis, such as forming a government of technocrats able to conciliate the Lebanese with their constitutional institutions and Lebanon with the Arab and international communities; as well as to put end to the corruption by implementing essential reforms in our financial, monetary and social policies.”

MP Moawad explained that we are going through the most difficult crisis in the modern history since the First World War, but that does not mean that there is no hope. There is a possibility to face this situation and its results “this crisis cannot be faced by following the “ostrich way” and denying the responsibilities. However, things can be solved when everyone takes responsibility and points clearly to the problems.”

MP Moawad stated “Since I have always refused to be part of the corruption system, with our adversaries’ testimony, I refuse today to be part of the “dodging responsibilities” system. I am a parliament member and I have to take responsibility before the Lebanese people.”



Regarding the government formation, MP Moawad declared: “My position did not change from the first day; I call for a reduced government of technocrats, otherwise I will not give it my trust because it is the only mean to solution. First, we should form a government able to recuperate the Lebanese confidence in their state and their constitutional institutions, since it will face a long lasting crisis. Second, it will be a government able to conciliate Lebanon with the Arab and international communities, because Lebanon is not capable by itself to go through this crisis and needs assistance. Third, this government should enjoy the support of the political forces and the parliament trust by conciliating the citizens with the constitutional institutions.”

He said “We should all take responsibility because the country’s failure will affect everyone. No security or economic party should be responsible for solving this crisis without a complete political solution.” He affirmed that he is working on “a complete social economic paper to solve this crisis. However, any solution presented out of the coverage of a new government is useless.”

MP Moawad declared “In case this popular revolution did not lead to essential reforms, the country will be drowning in chaos. It is our responsibility to move along it and benefit from it. We cannot only rely on Arab and international assistance; we should implement a different economic, monetary and financial policy as well as essential reforms, starting with the recovery of the stolen public funds and ending the corruption in the future.”

He concluded “we only care for our country’s interest and we have paid high costs to maintain Lebanon’s existence. The government has to put the right plan to save the country and the parliament should supervise its implementation. Only a reduced government of technocrats will obtain the people’s confidence as well as the Arab and international community. Therefore, I will only vote for a reduced government of technocrats.”

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