Moawad calls for a rescue government of specialists

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The President of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad, renewed his call for the formation “of a government comprised fully of specialists, so as not to engage in the game of politics.” He added that people protesting in the streets were clear with their slogan “All of them”. Moreover, he explained that we are in urgent need for a cabinet that would have a positive impact, on the internal level through managing the country’s difficult economic crisis; and on the external level in terms of the Arab and international community and markets. In fact, the future cabinet should get the confidence of the Parliament when the political class is convinced that such cabinet is needed in this phase. He asked: “is it needed to put the army in confrontation with the people? This is impossible. What is really required is a political solution, and the first key is a rescue government.”

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, MP Moawad cautioned: “We are not in a normal situation and we do not have the luxury of discussing whether or not to hold the parliamentary consultations, but rather we need to form a government today before tomorrow. Every delay will increase the rift between the Lebanese citizens and the state, and will bring our country closer to chaos and bankruptcy, turning it into a regional and international conflict arena where companies are broke day after day. We can be close to a famine situation. Therefore, it is urgent to form a rescue government with skills that enables it to save Lebanon from this collapse.”

He added “Indeed I am a member in the parliamentary bloc that supports the President Aoun but I will never compromise my convictions. I always express the convictions and the perceptions of the “Independence Movement”; that’s why I took these positions from the beginning of the revolution, noting that my positions are not newly updated.”

MP Moawad explained that “The roadmap must take into account the reasons that led us to this situation. Lebanon cannot refrain from distancing itself. We have the right to defend ourselves, but there must be a defense strategy managed by the Lebanese state.”


Moawad called for “keeping pace with the revolution by adopting serious steps to fight corruption; the matter that requires an independent judicial system and laws to increase the immunities and recover looted funds, alongside economic and financial reforms.”

“The Lebanese citizens are demanding their basic elements of livelihood. Despite the difficult challenges, Lebanon can emerge from the state of collapse to prosperity; however this will definitely requires a decision, an effort and confidence on the internal and external levels.

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