Moawad on the Lebanese Apple Day: to strengthen our trust in our land

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The Municipality of Zgharta-Ehden, the Federation of municipalities of caza of Zgharta and the office of Ministry of Agriculture, celebrated the Lebanese Apple Day, in the participation of the social associations and organizations, in the presence of the President of  “The Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad as well as the representative of Al Marada Movement the former minister Rony Araijy, the General Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Louis Lahood, the municipality member Ghassan Tayoun representing the Mayor and the representative of the office of the Ministry of Agriculture Iqbal Ziade, as well as the president of the Reserve of Horsh Ehden Sandra Koussa; with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the social institutions and organizations and the political parties.

Lahood said: “First, I am representing the minister Dr. Hasan Lakis, who is having a tour in South Lebanon and the Bekaa. At the same time, a team is also representing the minister in Akkar, Khiyam& Beirut. Today, is the Lebanese Apple Day, under the patronage of the President Aoun, aiming to encourage every farmer to cultivate in order to produce& export the best quality of our local apples. It is obvious that we are facing problems that constitute about 10% of apple criteria. Our local apples are compatible with international criteria and can be exported to Arab& Gulf countries. Today, after opening “Nasseeb” border crossing between Jordan& Syria, transportation became easy, hoping to reduce the fees of the transportation.”

He added: “Through Iraq & Gulf countries and Abu Dhabi, we will start exporting our products. We can see Rene Moawad Foundation and be proud of its projects, especially in manufacturing. Other special days are coming ahead, like the Lebanese Honey Day in Tripoli& the Lebanese Olive Oil Day, in South Lebanon. Allow me to congratulate every farmer in Zgharta as well as the MP Michel Moawad& the newlywed TonyFrangieh, the MP Estphan Douaihy, the minister Rony Arayji & Chekh Nabil Moawad. I also want to thank the Municipality of Zgharta- Ehden, the Federation of the municipalities of the caza of Zgharta, the representative of the Ministry of the Agriculture in North Lebanon. Happy Apple Day!”

The President of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad welcomed Mr. Louis Lahood and said: “Today is a very important day because in Lebanon, apples are a part of our history& identity. The reason relying behind the current crisis that we are getting through in Lebanon is essentially for not being rooted in our land. This day should be considered as an opportunity to trust our land and transform it into a productive land, to keep the Lebanese citizen rooted in his land. Happy Lebanese Apple Day!”


He stated: “Rene Moawad Foundation is participating in this event with other institutions in different regions from Akkar to South Lebanon, from the coast to Bekaa. Indeed, we believe that developing the agriculture& the exportation activity of the Lebanese products is an essential issue.”

Arayji said: “Our ancestors made their living from the agriculture. We wish that with the efforts of all parties, agriculture will play a major role in Zgharta& the country. In fact, we import lot of products. I want to thank Rene Moawad Foundation and the office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Al Marada Movement, the Municipality of Zgharta& the Federation of Municipalities in the caza of Zgharta.”

Tayoun stated: “The speeches we’ve just heard from Mr. Lahood& MP Moawad are very responsible. Also, it is notable to highlight the activities of Rene Moawad Foundation that enhance the local economic structure. As a municipality, we are responsible of supporting all initiatives aiming to push the productive sectors forward, especially the agriculture. I would like to mention that my friend Dr. Karl York Stevens, is cooperative with us to find a way to transform our economy into a productive one. And agriculture is an essential factor of this economy, since we plant olives& apples. We are glad to celebrate this day with you because it is an important day for the local development.”

At the end, apples were distributed to passengers and drivers with the ecofriendly bags.

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