Moawad meets Berri: to free the country from the “cartels’ tusks”

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The President of the “independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad asked to free the country from the cartels’ tusks and highlighted the cooperation between all parties “because we should all cooperate to save our country”.

MP Moawad declared that “we cannot deny that we are getting through a difficult economic, financial and social crisis. However, the latter should be a reason to tie us together to save the country from this bad situation. It is important not to let any crisis frighten people. It is not acceptable to intimidate citizens about the situation because this is a crime against Lebanon.”

After meeting the Speaker of the Parliament, he declared: “we discussed the way to cooperate to gain trust between each others, because cooperation requests strict decisions and reforms in order to handle the budget deficit and reforms in the balance of payments , the trade balance; as well as procedures on the sectors’ level before issuing the 2020 budget.” He added “the reforms should be applied as soon as possible. We should not wait for issuing the budget to agree on a series of resolutions such as fighting against smuggling and corruption. These are essential issues and should be handled because international& local financial markets as well as the international partners will not invest in our country unless serious reforms are applied. A true resolution is all what we need.”

MP Moawad declared that “we discussed with Speaker Berri the necessity of the activation of the institutions’ role. People need to feel the real& good management of the country. Moreover, we are asking for the activation of the control and auditing roles in the Parliament because complying with the state institutions is a must. It is not acceptable anymore to leave the country in the cartels’ tusks. We should cooperate and take the needed decisions for the sake of our country.”

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