MP Moawad in Washington: meetings with the members of the Congress to support Lebanon

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In a private visit to Washington, President of the “Independence Movement”, MP Michel Moawad participated in the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference.

Moawad held series of meetings with members of the US Congress: David Joyce, Ken Calvert and Steve Chabot. MP Moawad met members of the Republican &Democratic parties supporting the relations between the United States and Lebanon: Darine Lahood, Garrett Graves& Carol Miller.

MP Moawad highlighted the major role of the Congress to support Lebanon and activate the relation between both countries. He stressed on the necessity of assisting the legitimate Lebanese institutions especially the Lebanese Army who represents a warranty against terrorism and deploys efforts in order to maintain the stability in the country. He added that it is essential not to relate the position of the US government from Lebanon with its position from Hezbollah; the matter that imposes the necessity to spare the Lebanese government, citizens and economy the consequences of the US sanctions on Hezbollah. MP Moawad stressed on the importance of applying the neutrality position of the government regarding the region’s conflicts.

Moawad thanked the members of the Congress for their continuous support through the USAID and asked them to activate this support for its positive impact on the Lebanese citizen in a country who is suffering from a difficult economic and financial situation.

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