RMF Completes the Irrigation Water Network in Bhannine, Minnieh-Dinnieh

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Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF) celebrated on November 21 the completion of the Irrigation Water Conveyance Network project in Bhannine, Minnieh-Dinnieh as part of the USAID funded Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment (BALADI) program.  The celebration took place in the village of Bhannine in the presence of USAID staff, RMF General Director, Mr. Nabil Moawad, the mayor and members of the municipal council of Bhannine, representatives of Sada El Minnieh Association, farmers of Bhannine, and community supporters.


Through BALADI, USAID contributed $123,000 to establish and rehabilitate 1.9 kilometers of irrigation canals over 100 hectares of agriculture lands, benefiting 350 farmers in Bhannine.  The municipality has also contributed $26,000 in construction works.  Prior to the project, the farmers of Bhannine suffered from significant water loss and an inefficient irrigation system as a result of their reliance on earthen canals and old conveyance networks.  With the rehabilitated canals, farmers are now able to better irrigate their crops, look forward to increased production and save approximately $500 per year (per farmer) in irrigation costs.


The five-year $26 million USAID BALADI project is currently implementing 54 activities which engage 137 municipalities to promote socio-economic development throughout Lebanon.  These activities meet the needs of communities in multiple sectors including electricity generation through solar power, improved irrigation systems, access to potable water, and equipment for public schools and community health clinics, community social and sports centers, and income generation through rural tourism, agro-processing, entrepreneurship, and skills training.  More information about BALADI can be found on http://baladi-lebanon.org/en

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