Event on Teacher’s Day at the ‘Institut Technique René Moawad’

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On the occasion of the Teacher’s Day, the ‘Institut Technique René Moawad’ (ITRM) held an event in its centre in Mejdlaya. Were present: The head of the regional department for Vocational and Technical Education in the North doctor Abdel Rahman Qawta, and the Director of ITRM Tony Al Am and members of the teaching team, in addition to administrators and teachers from the institute.

The event started with the Lebanese National Anthem, then a speech by ITRM’s director in which he said:

“We are celebrating today to honour the teachers, in their presence. Our celebration is modest compared to the greatness of the teachers who are the ones who teach, educate, and mould thoughts and hearts. It is just one day per year in which we pay tribute to those whose efforts cannot be valued enough, and whose generous giving never dies out.”

He added: “On your Day and in front of you, I bow down with respect, for your dedication to serve humanity and the individual human. If not for your dedication, there will be no future and no salvation for our society and country.

“More than ever today, Lebanon needs perseverance, firmness, faith and dedication. We need to stick to the right values in the midst of this wave of lack in values and negligence. You are the foundation of the Nation. You are the ones who infuse proper national belonging and human dignity in our youth.”

He continued: “Be strong in keeping this role and preserving your elevated message. Teaching should not be an employment for you, but a passion from which you nourish souls and hearts before feeding minds and intellects. It should be a crossing-bridge that leads youth beyond ignorance and past the darkness of lack of knowledge.

“Our institute is growing and the family of teachers is becoming larger. Our logo was and still is ‘To be special’, so that the René Moawad Institute remains a shining model in the field of Vocational and Technical Education, and an example to follow in proper patriotic education, in efficiency and in productivity.”

He concluded: “May God protect you. May our institute remain successful. God save Lebanon.”

At the end of the event, everyone was invited to a concluding reception.

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