International community should protect Lebanon’s model of moderation, says Moawad

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Independence Movement leader Michel Moawad urged Monday the international community to protect Lebanon’s model of moderation and pluralism in a region engulfed by extremism and sectarian conflicts.

“Only the Lebanese Army and legitimate state institutions can protect Lebanon against terrorism and extremist threats,” Moawad told Lebanese expatriates  during a gathering held at the Association of Zgharta in Australia.

The Association of Zgharta headed by Joseph Makari held a welcome ceremony for Moawad and the accompanying delegation which included Henry Moawad and Antoine Ibrahim.

The ceremony was attended by MP Tony Issa, Hornsby City Council Councillor Bernadette Azizi, former head of the Lebanese Cultural University Michel Douaihy and Independence Movement Coordinator in Australia Assaad Barakat along with members of the Zgharta community in Australia.

Makari praised Moawad’s efforts to strengthen ties between Lebanon and the diaspora.

“By supporting Lebanon’s economy,  expatriates are helping the Lebanese youth remain in their land and consequently preserving Lebanon as a model of coexistence and pluralism,” Moawad said.

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