Moawad offers condolences on death of King Abdullah, describes late king as Lebanon’s friend

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Head of the Independence Michel Moawad expressed Friday condolences over the death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz, describing the late ruler as a strong advocate of Lebanon’s sovereignty and Independence.

“I offer, on behalf of the Independence Movement, my sincere condolences to the Saudi people, their leadership and King Salman bin Abdel Aziz,” Moawad said.

Moawad said the late King’s support to Lebanon went beyond rhetoric and was instrumental in helping the Lebanese weather economic difficulties over the past years.

“I also express my condolences to the Lebanese people who have witnessed the late Saudi king’s support to Lebanon and its institutions as well as his keenness to preserve the country’s sovereignty, independence and economic stability,” Moawad said.

Moawad recalled the latest expression of late King Abdullah’s support to Lebanon in the form of a $4 billion grants to help equip the Lebanese Army.

“The late Saudi king’s support to Lebanon went beyond rhetoric and we believe that the special ties between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia will continue with King Salman and Crown Prince Muqrin,” Moawad said.

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