Bkirki playing important role to ensure presidential poll on time, says Moawad

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Head of Independence Movement urges dialogue with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun in line with principles outlined in the Baabda Declaration.

Head of Independence Movement Michel Moawad said Friday March 14 parties should engage in dialogue with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun after the latter endorsed the Bkirki Charter and called for the withdrawal of Arab fighters from Syria.

“March 14 parties should have the courage to engage in dialogue with MP Michel Aoun in line with the principles of national sovereignty and independence,” Moawad told Free Lebanon radio.

Moawad who met Aoun earlier in the day added that the March 14 alliance should draw up a comprehensive plan and an implementation framework to achieve its objectives.

Among the March 14 objectives is the election of a strong president who, according to Moawad, should work on the enforcement of the Baabda Declaration and the Bkirki charter.

“A president who is not committed to those principles is not a strong president. A strong president enjoys the support of the majority of Christians and Muslims for the implementation of those principles.”

The Maronite patriarchate is playing an important role to ensure that the presidential election is held on time, Moawad said, stressing that the March 14 coalition’s top priority is to confront any attempts to obstruct the election of a new president.

“Our priorities are to avoid a presidential vacuum and to ensure that Bkirki doesn’t support a presidential candidate who doesn’t voice commitment to the principles outlined in the Bkirki Charter,” he added.

Both the Bkirki Charter and the Baabda Declaration call on political leaders to distance Lebanon from regional conflicts particularly in Syria where Hezbollah’s involvement in the fighting alongside the Syrian regime is having serious negative repercussions on the Lebanese people, Moawad said.

“Hezbollah is part of a suicidal project and every day that passes with the party still fighting in Syria will multiply the negative repercussions both on Lebanon and Hezbollah which represents a weak link in the regional conflict.”

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